Hand Crafted Animal Totem Jewelry

Handcrafted Silver Jewelry by Brooke Stone
Animal Totem Jewelry

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Snow Leopard w/ Onyx Eyes/ plain pendant

Snow Leopard w/ Onyx Eyes/ plain pendant


Snow Leopard w/ Aquamarine Eyes / plain pendant

Snow Leopard w/ Aquamarine Eyes / plain pendant


Exquisite craftsmanship, scrupulous attention to detail, an array of beautiful and interesting materials, a mastery of jewelry-making techniques…..These are hallmarks of Brooke Stone Animal Totem Jewelry….

Using the ancient method of lost-wax casting, Brooke Stone and Jim Clement make extraordinary, unique wildlife jewelry of sterling silver, bronze and copper. The wildlife art jewelry you will see on these pages has been completely hand-crafted at their rural home in the beautiful Willamette Valley of western Oregon. Here are just a few of the animal totem jewelry pieces they offer. 

Brooke and Jim are retired from production jewelry making and can no longer accommodate Special Orders, but you can still buy ready-made items from our secure Shopping Cart.
Please contact us to let us know which out-of-stock pieces you like!

Revised Shipping Rules

Many of our out-of-US customers have asked us to ship to them, so we have decided to offer limited shipping to selected foreign countries.
We use the US Postal Service as our shipper. We have had excellent results shipping by USPS Priority Registered Mail to many countries.
These are the countries we have found to have reliable and affordable local postal services, using USPS as a carrier:

United Kingdom (UK)
Western Provinces of Canada (but not the Eastern Provinces)

Each country has its own rules, but in general, USPS Priority Mail with additional Registered Mail tracking costs $41.00 to most locations.
If you live out of the US and would like to buy one of our pieces, contact me through the website. I can estimate the exact shipping cost and send a PayPal money request to your email address.

Visit our Studio Tour page for a complete explanation of the processes used to produce our jewelry.

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